3.2 Series – A Revisit

A short time after completing the exercises on ‘Searching’ and ‘Series’, I found myself on Crosby Beach near Liverpool and the site of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’. Now I’ve always been fascinated by what washes up on beaches, so once I’d felt I’d done as much as I could with Mr Gormley’s figures I turned my camera down and brought back around 50 photographs of … Continue reading 3.2 Series – A Revisit

3.1 Searching

This exercise encourages us to just take a wander and photograph freely, then review and consider what caught our eye. This particular wander is through the French port city of La Rochelle, on a particularly hot and sunny day, though the town to a bay on the other side and back again. Below are 3 contact sheets showing the 40-odd photographs that caught my eye … Continue reading 3.1 Searching

3.2 Series

In this exercise we are asked to produce a series of photographs focused on a specific subject. My chosen subject for this is based on two related on-going projects: plants that are growing on man-made structures and man-made structures and other artifacts being overwhelmed by nature. It’s also a test of something I constantly repeat to myself: Enjoy making the photographs you like and have … Continue reading 3.2 Series

Photo London 2018

This weekend I visited the Photo London 2018 fair at Somerset house and spent the best part of 4 hours wandering through room after room of every imaginable genre of photography. I saw iconic images from superstars like Ansel Adams, Terry O’Neill and Daido Moriyama. Individual photographs like Gustave Le Gray’s “Solar Effect in the Clouds – Ocean” (a snip at £55,000!) and Titarenko’s St. … Continue reading Photo London 2018

2.10 Dodging & Burning – the Hardcore Superstars

I have found 2.10 to be a really useful learning exercise. In the past I have tended to use it infrequently, and then primarily to correct exposure rather than as a creative process. The original image I used was taken on one of our recent hot, sunny Spring days near the London Eye. It was grabbed in passing, so there was no time for any … Continue reading 2.10 Dodging & Burning – the Hardcore Superstars

Picture Analysis – The Conversation

In this exercise we are asked to consider Michael Bühler-Rose’s “The Conversation”. At first sight my reaction is that this is not a photograph I have any great liking for, but I cannot pin down why that might be and if there’s anything this course has taught me it’s to think as much about why I don’t like something as why I do. So here … Continue reading Picture Analysis – The Conversation