Whilst I continue to procrastinate about starting Part 2 I have at least made an attempt to get out on the streets with my camera. I’m not keen on the in-your-face approach, perhaps I’m not sufficiently confident for it. I prefer to shoot from a distance, placing people in context with their surroundings. I continue to lean towards dark or dimly lit scenes, and remain … Continue reading Procrastination

Assignment 1: Square Mile/Y Filltir Sgwâr

Introduction Photographers and artists have always found inspiration in their immediate location. There is a concept within Welsh culture called Y Filltir Sgwâr (the ‘Square Mile’), which is described by Professor Mike Pearson and refers to the intimate connection between people and their childhood surroundings: In our earliest years we know a patch of ground in a detail we will never know anywhere again – … Continue reading Assignment 1: Square Mile/Y Filltir Sgwâr

Inspiration: Le Flou

There are a couple of concepts that I have encountered whilst researching the world of photography which have really struck a chord. I think both have been a part of my work without me necessarily identifying that they are a ‘thing’, but with this recognition I’ll seek to devote some conscious effort to them. The first of these is ‘Le Flou’, the direct English translation … Continue reading Inspiration: Le Flou