Messing Around

One of the techniques I have been interested in since the days when I used 35mm film is multiple exposures, whether in-camera or painstakingly sandwiching slides together. I particularly love the way they can be used to show movement and change. Thankfully I need to practice my use of layers in Photoshop, and one of the great things I’ve discovered along the way is how … Continue reading Messing Around

Initial Thoughts

I’ve started reading ‘Photography’ by Juliet Hacking as suggested.  Just a few pages in and there are a couple of things that have really made an impression. One is Edward Weston and ‘pre-visualisation’. It reminds me that all too often I don’t take sufficient time to explore all the possibilities of a scene before moving on. I need to be taking more time over fewer … Continue reading Initial Thoughts

In The Beginning

I thought I’d start this learning process by documenting the things that interest me in photography now, at the beginning.  Above all I like simplicity.  Uncrowded images with limited colour ranges. I enjoy photographs which show something that is not possible with the naked eye. Freeze frames. Long exposures that reveal movement and contrast it with immobility.  I like landscapes and architecture most of all, … Continue reading In The Beginning