Inspiration: Le Flou

There are a couple of concepts that I have encountered whilst researching the world of photography which have really struck a chord. I think both have been a part of my work without me necessarily identifying that they are a ‘thing’, but with this recognition I’ll seek to devote some conscious effort to them. The first of these is ‘Le Flou’, the direct English translation … Continue reading Inspiration: Le Flou

Practice, practice, practice

The only way to improve is to keep shooting, keep applying everything I’m learning. We’re lucky to have some nice countryside for walking here in Surrey.  The trick is to pick a theme and stick to it with so many opportunities around. Here’s three from a short stretch of the Tillingbourne near Albury, the intention being to convey the sense of a stream flowing quietly … Continue reading Practice, practice, practice

Exercise 1.9: Soft Light Landscape

I took the intent of this exercise as being to take an image with limited contrast in order to experiment with the range of controls available for tweaking the RAW camera output, seeking to produce something less dull than the original. This was a lot of fun, and I am now far more aware of just what can be done with these tweaks, some subtle … Continue reading Exercise 1.9: Soft Light Landscape

Fears of Plagiarism

I had a nagging thought as I began this course. There are certain approaches to photography, certain techniques, which have always interested me. In particular I want to produce images which show the effects of time, things that cannot be seen unaided. Superimposition, time lapse, slow shutter speeds, very long exposure times. As I started researching different photographers I quickly realised that the ideas I … Continue reading Fears of Plagiarism