The Lord Mayor’s Show

There has been a Lord Mayor Of London – the City Of London – since 1189. This year marks the 691st Lord Mayor, whose inauguration involves a parade from the City to the Royal Courts Of Justice via St Paul’s.

My wife is involved in the running of an initiative which aims to help young people develop the skills they need for the 21st century workplace, and they’d been asked to participate in the parade. I was asked if I’d photograph the event.

I planned as much as possible in advance. I wanted St Paul’s as a landmark backdrop, needed to show the float in the context of watching crowds, and to show those taking part. It was important that the distinctive blue colour show up, and I also wanted to try and get some elevated vantage points.

I’ve never photographed a parade like this before and the amount of running around came as a bit of a surprise! It all moves at the pace of a fast walk, and crowds mean dodging down back streets, running to catch up the extra ground that needs to be covered as a result. Overall I’m happy with the results, thought the 10 final images represent a cull of 98% of what I took on the day.


2 thoughts on “The Lord Mayor’s Show

  1. I know this type of thing can be quite challenging, I was asked to take pictures of our local arts festival which involved bands, activities, exhibitions etc. and some night work. Planning and trying to visualise the images takes quite a bit of effort and you have done well here, certainly the blue shirts stand out well and there is no mistake as to where it took place. I think the expression is “plan to succeed”

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  2. You have some good shots here Mike. I especially like the composition in your Standiut shot. Well captured with the “lollipops “ aligned.

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