A First

As some of you who have come to know I have developed a mild obsession with street photography. On the weekend just past, I was given an informal commission to photograph a specific float in the Lord Mayor Of London’s Show – more on that in another post – that meant spending several hours in a relatively small area of London.

The day was mainly sunny, and towards the end of the parade it was getting low in the sky, illuminating marching bands, floats, the watching crowds. By chance I looked away from the parade to see a couple lit up by this beautiful light and grabbed a quick shot.

Couple - Edit - Black and White

A few minutes later I was reviewing shots on the screen on the camera, saw what I’d captured and really liked it. Now in my bag I have some cards I had made at Vistaprint with my name and OCA email on them, cards I’ve never got around to using.

So for the first time ever I approached random strangers I’d photographed and offered them a copy – and they were delighted. I’m not an especially introverted person, but doing this isn’t something I am at all confident with. Turns out they loved the image, got in touch and now have a copy.

I’ve been really slow progressing through Foundations In Photography – I suspect my tutor may not remember me! – but for me this demonstrates just how far I have progressed with the help of this course in terms of confidence.

3 thoughts on “A First

  1. IT is a nice picture Mike, I like the way his arms a wrapped around his partner, and yes it is lovely light. I think most of us find it difficult approaching strangers so well done! Carrying the cards is a good idea, I might do that, it validates what you are doing.

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