Holiday Resolution

In a week’s time – the 30th – we’re heading off for a week of boating around the Norfolk Broads. It’s pretty much an annual event on a floating gin palace from Richardson’s boatyard.

As a result of past trips I have a lot of photographs from the Broads. A lot of landscapes, some of which I think are good. A few wildlife, one or two of which are pretty good. Some nice arty shots of sailboats.

But there’s no plan, no project.

This trip will be different, and I’m putting down this post as a marker to hold myself to a plan, a project, a resolution.

This year I’m going to photograph the Broads in the style of Martin Parr. Then I’m going to select, whittle down, edit, arrange and present this trip.

There – I’m committed!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Resolution

  1. That’s fab Mike. What a great way to hold yourself accountable. I look forward to seeing your photos when you get back.

    Have a great holiday.

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      1. You’ll be fine. I like that you’re doing it in the style of Parr. I think it’s an idea I will pinch. Not necessarily Parr, but having a theme to focus on

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  2. Well, here I am at last cruising out of Stalham on Commodore 1. The sun is blazing, the sky is a faultless blue and the day trippers are already posing!


  3. What a week! Britain basking in the hottest, sunniest, most fabulous Summer in recent memory.

    I returned from the Broads with over 1,500 photographs, and I’ve spent the last 10 days whittling then down. Many don’t conform to the aims of my project and will be used for others. Of those that do, I have around 40 candidates.

    The nature of the Summer so far has brought back memories for me of past Summers, usually visiting the U.K. from wherever we we living at the time, and using my Kodak Instamatic. I’m editing the remaining images to replicate the feel of the photographs that treasured camera produced.

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