3.2 Series

In this exercise we are asked to produce a series of photographs focused on a specific subject. My chosen subject for this is based on two related on-going projects: plants that are growing on man-made structures and man-made structures and other artifacts being overwhelmed by nature.

It’s also a test of something I constantly repeat to myself: Enjoy making the photographs you like and have the courage to present them without explanation.

Flora AEdificium

9 thoughts on “3.2 Series

  1. I think this is a good subject Mike, you can’t really beat nature, eventually it reclaim everything. I like your initial pictures particularly the 4th one counting from left to right and look forward to seeing your theme develop.

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  2. My favourite is the fourth photo, but beyond that your new site banner is just incredible.

    Your motto is growing on me, the more you present it too me.

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    1. Thanks Richard! I’d never done anything like the Miners Strike image before, it’s pretty involved work in Photoshop – at least for a beginner. I’m working on new ideas to develop the theme. How amazing is it what this course achieves in terms of stretching and developing one’s thinking!?

      Is there anything in particular that makes no.4 stand out for you?

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      1. The way that the building isn’t just overwhelmed by the trees and greenery, it’s also framed by them. That draws me into the building and makes me notice it. The colours suggest the building is decayed wood, but because the trees draw me in I see the bricks/stone, and then the door.

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