3.1 Searching

This exercise encourages us to just take a wander and photograph freely, then review and consider what caught our eye. This particular wander is through the French port city of La Rochelle, on a particularly hot and sunny day, though the town to a bay on the other side and back again.

Below are 3 contact sheets showing the 40-odd photographs that caught my eye on reviewing. There’s a mix of architecture, some abstracts, plants and trees, a few people. Unusually few people for me – it wasn’t a productive day for stalking human subjects.

Contact 1Contact 2Contact 3

There’s a strong graphic theme running through the selection. I like images that are relatively simple. That’s not to say a lack of detail, but a minimising of clutter. I also like to see textures in photographs, almost like you could reach in and touch what you’re seeing, and I fear I could develop an obsession photographing those rotting wooden pilings.

The hollyhocks are contributing to a project of mine based on plants growing out of built structures.

I decided to pick 3 of the images I like best and give them some editing attention:

Cafe - La RochelleHotel De Ville - La RochelleSea Wall - Pointe Du Chay

4 thoughts on “3.1 Searching

  1. Lovely images here, Mike. I enjoyed the walk around La Rochelle and love the way you’ve captured compositions based on strong lines and/or pattern. There are a number of themes but the set hangs together very well. Well done.

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  2. Nice set of images Mike, I have been to La Rochelle but unfortunately spent the whole day in a suppliers factory so didn’t see anything of the city!

    Your pictures have given me a really good feel of what I missed. I particularly like the first of the three you have enlarged, it gives a good feel of cafe life and is an excellent composition. The dominant person in the foreground lead my eye down to the lady at the table then back up to the man in the background then finally to the Cafe sign above which I think defines the picture. Great image.

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