2.1 Subject vs Background

In this exercise we are asked to photograph subjects against a plain, white background to remove the sense of place. Not being in the habit of shooting portraits of either people or flowers I found this to be a bit of a challenge – not in terms of the set up and technicalities of obtaining the images, but in creating something that might have some interest beyond being a straight presentation of a plant and a person.

In part the inspiration finally came from research, specifically reading about Todd Hido and his view that as an artist he has always felt his task “is not to create meaning but to charge the air so that meaning can occur”.

I have chosen the present two of the images from this exercise as a diptych.

Margaret Rose

Because I know the person well I have a very specific understanding of what this is conveying – I’d be really interested to know of other’s interpretations.

4 thoughts on “2.1 Subject vs Background

  1. Interesting approach Mike. A rose is a highly symbol indicating love/ affection of course, but the model’s expression is wistful, looks away from the camera, so maybe a lost love, a love from the past?

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  2. Well executed exercise Mike.

    Regarding your model and the diptych, to me her expression indicates that she is an empathetic person and agree with Chris the rose is a symbol of love and affection and guess she is considering somebody very close to her?

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  3. An interesting diptych Mike. Because the exercise required a white background it would have been difficult to choose a white rose for enduring love. Instead a 🌹 for passion. So perhaps the wistful look represents the growth of enduring love on the one hand but a look back to passions of youth?
    A good exercise. Well done.

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