Part 2 of FiP has been an interesting journey so far. On one hand I’ve discovered a real love for street photography. But I’ve also struggled to find a subject that I really want to work with for ‘People & Activity’. Whilst I search for inspiration and opportunity I’ve decided to play around a bit with low light and painting with light.

I’m also going to follow a great piece of advice I’ve picked up on. Do the photography you enjoy, present the photographs you like and don’t try to explain them. That’s the viewers job.

Low Light 2Low Light 4Low Light 1Low Light 3 - MuggedLow Light - Social Media

3 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Terrific faces Mike. One and five are my favourites.
    You are so right. We should be doing what we enjoy. That way our best images will emerge. At the same time I think we should relax and accept some errors as normal learning.


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