2.5 Identikit Portrait

A weekend away in Selsey with friends gave me an opportunity to pick my usual suspects for the identikit portrait exercise. I selected 5 shots to use, basing the choice on clear expressions and a rough visualisation of what might work best together. many thanks to Mike, Margret and Carol (again!) for being my victims…

I took a couple of approaches to creating the identikit images. The first broadly followed the exercise, though I’ve created the different slices in Photoshop layers rather than printing them out.  The main challenges were differences in the width of faces and hairstyles.

The first I dealt with by ensuring the eyes of each subject we’re aligned. This is done by setting the top two of the three layers to 50% transparency, then moving and stretching to get the best alignment.

Unfortunately hairstyles are a bit more difficult to deal with, mainly because of the colours and Mike not using that well known brand of German shampoo!

The three examples below are the best of the bunch. All are a little freakish, but got a laugh from the people involved which I’ll take as being a measure of success.

Slices 3
Mike / Carol / Margaret
Slices 2
Margaret / Mike / Carol
Slices 1
Carol / Margaret / Mike

The second approach I took was a little more subtle. Using two of the base images for each, I have used a very soft edged eraser to replace the eyes from the upper layer with those from the lower.

Interestingly, people who are not familiar with Mike, Margaret and Carol have all said there’s something really odd about these portraits without being able to say what it is. That’s something which may be worth playing around with in the future.

Mike Margaret
Mike with Margaret’s eyes
Carol Mike
Carol with Mike’s eyes
Margaret Carol
Margaret with Carol’s eyes

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