Whilst I continue to procrastinate about starting Part 2 I have at least made an attempt to get out on the streets with my camera.

I’m not keen on the in-your-face approach, perhaps I’m not sufficiently confident for it. I prefer to shoot from a distance, placing people in context with their surroundings. I continue to lean towards dark or dimly lit scenes, and remain fascinated by the ability of a camera to capture a slice of time that’s just a bit longer than the natural frame rate of our unaided eyes.

South Bank - Millenium Bridge CoupleSouth Bank - Millenium Bridge - CrowdedSouth Bank - Donut StallSouth Bank - Angles - CroppedSouth Bank - Skate ParkSouth Bank - Yellow StairsAfter Titarenko - Waterloo Entrance - Screen plus BW


5 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Wow Mike
    Photos 4 through 7 are all different and all so good to view. Photo 7 particularly. What settings did you use? I ask because it doesn’t look how blur from movement normally looks. To my untrained eye it looks like photo stacking. Whatever you did I just gotta try it out.


    1. The scene at Waterloo is indeed a stack. Superimposing is something I used to do a lot back in slide film days, Photoshop makes it so much easier.

      For this one, I used my G5X handheld on the continuous shooting setting. Exposure was set under by 1 stop. I stacked about 8 RAW files initially, getting PS to auto align – works best if there are strong lines for it to work with.

      I stripped out a couple of frames as they had someone distracting in them, then used the Darken blending mode.

      I also played with the opacity of some of the layers – it really is a trial and error procedure at this stage but I’m hoping to learn a few good ‘recipes’ from practising.

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      1. What an amazing technique. I don’t have anywhere that interesting to try this out on at the moment, but it’s something that I have to try. I love the result that you have got Mike. Love it.
        The only thing that made me think it was a stack rather than long exposure was the sharpness of the ghost figure.
        When I next get to York I will try it out at the station.


  2. Lovely photographs Mike, and some I have already enjoyed on Instagram. They are all good and interesting to view. 4,5&7 are my favourites. So much to see in each. Waterloo Station absolutely captures reality, and it is beautiful too. The graffiti in the underpass splendidly colurful. The people you have captured in number 4 that I feel I should recognise but cannot quite Place (!) are superb. The balance and composition of the decisive moment as the couple move through is perfectly balanced by the figure lounging against the balustrade in the background. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I must admit that I didn’t even notice the guy lounging on the left at first! I was concentrating on getting the angles of passers-by to mirror the building. However that piece of pure luck does nicely lead the eye back to the right having followed the other lines left.

      Just shows that if you pick a scene with potential anything can happen.


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