Skye Revisited

Another student on the Foundation is planning a trip to Skye. I visited the island myself in April 2016, an exhilarating if unpredictable time as far as the meteorological calendar goes!

As usual I came back with a huge haul of images, which I’ve never really properly worked on. Now seems a good time to put into practice some of what I’ve learned about reviewing, selecting and culling. Not to mention some Photoshop tricks I’ve picked up.

So here they are. They’re not really course related – I’m procrastinating about portrait photography if I’m honest! – so please enjoy (or not) without any expectation of review.

Skye - Neist Point - WinchSkye - Neist Point - GullySkye - Neist Point - Towards RamasaigSkye - Loch Snizort - Standing StonesSkye - The Quiraing - Bad WeatherSkye - The Quiraing - Looking SouthSkye - Momentary Break In The CloudsSkye - Loch Cill ChriosdSkye - Loch SlapinSkye - The Cuillins From ElgolSkye - Fairy GlenSkye - BalmaqueenSkye - Loch Snizort - Sunset

7 thoughts on “Skye Revisited

  1. Some good photos there Mike

    It would be really good if you put together a tutorial on split toning and dodge and burn. I can see the effects, but there skills I’m not so good at. Do you use photoshop or lightroom? I can’t get the hang of the dodge and burn tool. All I get is visible brush strokes.


    1. Hi Richard, 1, 3 and 10 were shot with a graduated neutral density filter, which you may be seeing as split toning? Looking critically I think I’ve probably not positioned the filter as well as I could have. Like you I have trouble with dodge and burn, even using a tablet and pen. If possible, and with these images, I’ve made all the adjustments in the camera RAW facility in Photoshop. You can adjust highlights/shadows/blacks/whites independently. Obviously it’s not as specific to individual areas of the images as dodge/burn. Regards, Mike.

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      1. Ah ok. That makes sense. Mike I think it’s excellent use of the nd. And ps camera raw. I should make more use of my nd’s.


  2. “Cuillin” and not “Cuilins”as in my reply above! My late Mama will be turning in her grave!


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