Where Did That Mist Go?

There’s a railway viaduct over the River Mole close by. In fact, I can see it from the house, but it’s a 10 minute walk to get across the river and under it. For Square Mile I really want to picture it in the mist, as viewpoints largely limit me to high-contrast shots of a shadowy structure against bright skies.

This morning the mist at 7:30AM looked perfect. By the time I was by the viaduct 20 minutes later it had all but gone. Lesson learned: look outside earlier!

Still, it’s nice to do some photography before work.

5 thoughts on “Where Did That Mist Go?

  1. Most is so transient! Perhaps tomorrow….,?
    All images are good and so worth contemplating. Thank you.


    1. Tomorrow I have to drag myself into the London office, more likely to encounter fumes than mist, but I expect other opportunities might present themselves instead. And it’s nearly ‘official’ Autumn so I’m hoping for more mist and fog.

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