Exercise 1.11: Stillness & Movement

In this exercise it was suggested we research the work of Toshio Shibata, and draw inspiration from his abstract compositions contrasting fluidity and solidity.

Being pushed for time I’ve used a location very close to home. Aside from the occasional heron, the Castle Mill wier has never seemed to me to be an especially photogenic place. However, looking at it through the eyes of Toshio Shibata I’ve come to appreciate its potential. But first, that heron…


Wier – The Wier is a scene I will go back again. I love the colour change, the change in the speed of the water flow, but I really need to have that top rung fully in the frame. I’m also wondering what effect different water levels and lighting will have.
Old Bridge Masonry
Old Bridge – The Old Bridge was swept away in the 1968 floods, and most is underwater. Not sure how much longer this piece will last as the water eats away at the mortar.
Log 2
Log – The Log has been there for a while now. It’s firmly wedged into the bank and becoming a natural garden.
Branch 3
Branch – The Branch definitely won’t be there for long. The next day of rain should see it swept over.
Millrace 5
Millrace – The Millrace is another image I will go back to many times with different water levels and lighting. As well as stillness/movement, I like the contrasts of light/dark, concrete/plants and trees, water that’s white with movement vs dark and still. Also, I know where that diverted water goes, but I like to think the viewer is left guessing…


5 thoughts on “Exercise 1.11: Stillness & Movement

  1. Fab photos Mike. I love the water in the heron photo, but the second one of the weir is brilliant, abstract and I like the dissonance between the water at the top of the weir and the bottom.


  2. All good. Love the reflection in “millrace”. Thinking back to my own efforts I am reminded of your other blog … “practice, practice, practice”!!


    1. Thank you Sarah. It amazes me how I now view this location so differently to all the hundreds of other times I’ve crossed the bridge over that weir. Really feel I’m learning!


      1. Me too! Still struggling with WordPress though and I would rather be with the camera and practising that!


  3. Hi Mike, Loved the photos and great that you caught it on a day with sun and blue sky. Particularly liked the water effect in the Old Bridge – the movement of the water and the reflection of the sky and cloud. And I completely agree with you about how going out with a camera now makes you look at things differently. Well done.


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