Exercise 1.10: Shutter Speed

This exercise is about experimenting with shutter speed, something I really enjoy. One of the things I love about photography is the ability to alter the perception of time in a way not possible with the naked eye. I especially like the possibilities offered by long exposures, and the superimposition of multiple shots.

In the past I have admittedly stuck to some subjects which would be classed as clichés, mainly water…


I often use Lee Neutral Density Filters, particularly the Little and Big Stoppers. Even on a bright and sunny day these can give exposure times in minutes if required.

Big Stopper 3

For the purposes of this exercise I was a little short of time, so in the absence of crowds of people, traffic and dramatic skies, I reverted to water. In doing so I was at least able to work on the next exercise, Stillness & Movement, for which I am happeir with the results!

Slowest: 1 sec
Millrace 2
Middle: 1/2 sec
Millrace 3
Fastest: 1/30 sec

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