Dungeness Revisited

Several months ago I visited Dungeness. It is a shingle peninsula at the Southern tip of Kent, home to a nuclear power station and the remains of a fishing industry. Dungeness is a strange, bleak, landscape full of modern relics.

On the day I visited the sea was as flat as the cloudy light. No contrast, no movement. I took a lot of photographs. Some are interesting, some I was quite happy with, but the conditions left me feeling that they all had something missing and I resolved to go back.

General busyness and the hassle of getting to Dungeness means I’ve not yet done so. However, working to understand layers in Photoshop did give me an idea to bring some of those pictures back to life: I could use the side of an old railway box car to display the other images as if it were a screen or frame.

These are the first quick and dirty attempts. Tonal ranges need to be better matched and some more detail retrieved from the sky. Maybe I’ll remove the power station.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is more experimentation to be done, but I hope this shows there can still be a future for what may seem at first to be uninspiring results.


2 thoughts on “Dungeness Revisited

  1. Thank you Sarah, probably the most ‘out there’ thing I have done with my photography! I really want to go back now and get some new pictures specifically for this piece of work – things like aligning the viewpoints and horizon. Watch this space…


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