The Pyramid Of Opportunity

In my work as a project manager I recognise that as decisions are made and certain courses of action adopted, the opportunities to alter things reduce.  I express this as a pyramid – The Pyramid Of Opportunity – on which the further you climb the less freedom you have to affect the outcome.

I have tried to create one of these pyramids for my photography as an aide memoire which I try to use before I press the shutter button.  Today’s software can be used to do many things, but the further you are from the moment of pressing the shutter button at the bottom of the pyramid, the harder they become and the more obvious your tampering.

The inspriration for this comes from the researching I have been carrying out – viewing and assessing so many photographs from so many different photographers has really helped me to focus in on what I regard as important in my own efforts.  It has also come from the exercise around creating contact sheets in Lightroom, something I have never done before.  Being able to scan simultaneously and rapidly across multiple shots is a powerful method

The creative elements I’ve chosen to represent are my own interpretation and may not work for everyone.

Pyramid Of Opportunity

3 thoughts on “The Pyramid Of Opportunity

  1. Hi Mike.
    Just realised I haven’t been getting email notifications from your new blog posts. I’ve changed my settings now.

    I look forward to studying alongside you.


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