Messing Around

One of the techniques I have been interested in since the days when I used 35mm film is multiple exposures, whether in-camera or painstakingly sandwiching slides together. I particularly love the way they can be used to show movement and change.

Thankfully I need to practice my use of layers in Photoshop, and one of the great things I’ve discovered along the way is how they can re-create what I used to do with film.

A few weeks ago I went to my first ever polo event.  The field is huge and from a single vantage point it was difficult to get the kind of close up action shots I really hoped for.  However, by using super imposed images I feel I’m getting close to showing the drama, speed and chaos of a polo match.Polo Edit 3 - multi-exposure cropped

One thought on “Messing Around

  1. These are fab Mike. The action and movement are really good to see. It’s different from the movement of having a slow shutter speed.

    I will make time to practice this technique when recording action. It’s very easy in lightroom with the HDR and blend options. I had only considered using it for bracketed exposure before, but after seeing your photos I have something new to try.

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