A First

As some of you who have come to know I have developed a mild obsession with street photography. On the weekend just past, I was given an informal commission to photograph a specific float in the Lord Mayor Of London’s Show – more on that in another post – that meant spending several hours in a relatively small area of London. The day was mainly … Continue reading A First

2.3 Depth: Foreground, mid-Ground, Background

Back when my photography was almost entirely landscapes, I was always conscious of trying to compose in a way which provided the viewer with a sense of depth and scale by using layers. More recently I’ve been much less concerned with them, looking instead for that elusive ‘decisive moment’. Where there are layers lending depth, it’s by chance rather than planning. This exercise has therefore … Continue reading 2.3 Depth: Foreground, mid-Ground, Background

Picture Analysis – Zelt, Roman Signer

This one has been a challenge. I’ve looked through the work of Roman Signer, and that of Andy Goldsworthy, and there is so much to love about their art. Signer’s slow burning fuse is fascinating, and Goldsworthy’s land art is truly wonderful. But. I’m looking at records. These are photographs ‘of’ not ‘about’. Yes, the art they depict is ‘about’, but you have to be … Continue reading Picture Analysis – Zelt, Roman Signer